Trees Can Go Curbside for Regular Pickup

Time for those dried-out christmas trees to hit the curb, right? If you can’t cut and fit the tree in your green can, you can put the entire tree curbside on your regular garbage collection day (that’s one day late this week due to the New Year’s holiday) and the crew from City Sanitation will pick it up for recycling. For safety reasons the City asks that you don’t put your tree out on the curb prior to collection day.

If you’re tackling it this weekend, there’s also the option of dropping it off tomorrow, Sunday Jan 6th, at our local Fire Station #29, 4029 W. Wilshire Blvd (corner of Van Ness) between 9 am – 4 pm. There’s something very satisfying about tying it to the top of your car and driving it the short distance, than tossing it atop the giant pile of greens at Station 29. Each time we do it, my son and I marvel at how light the tree has become compared to when we lugged it, green and fresh and full of water, into the living room just a few short weeks ago.

Remember to take off the stand, tinsel and ornaments before you recycle your tree. It’s always such a lovely feeling to have a tree in the house – and then feels just as wonderful getting it all out of there and cleaned up once again. Until next year – may your boughs now be recycled.


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