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Wittmore Opens on Larchmont

Paul C. Witt, owner and founder of Wittmore, an apparel and accessories shop that opened Saturday at 137 1/2 N. Larchmont Blvd.


Wittmore, an apparel and accessories shop, has opened at 137 1/2 N. Larchmont, in the former MoVint space.

Wittmore is the concept of Paul C. Witt, owner and founder with his partner Doug Geller. Witt drew on his extensive retail and fashion experience of over 20 years to start Wittmore first as an online store from his New York City base. When he realized many of his customers were ordering from LA, he decided to relocate and open a shop in Los Angeles. Larchmont is the store’s third location, the others are in Malibu and the Arts District downtown.

When we met on Saturday, Witt gave us a guided tour through the shop, which is filled with what he calls his “greatest hits.”

“We wanted to open with our best selling and most favorite brands,” explained Witt, who said he enjoys the art of curating his stores offering great style and supporting fellow small businesses.


Free and Easy colorful graphic tees, hats and hoodies are made in downtown Los Angeles.


Most of the brands he sells are small with limited production volume made in the U.S. some even in Los Angeles. He pointed out Relwen, based in Ohio, as one of his favorites. The brand was started in 2007 and focusses on pants, shirts and jackets that are designed to last. He does carry some several brands owned by Japanese companies like AnnonymousIsm specialty socks and Gramicci hiking shorts, which started in California making functional outdoor clothing and was purchased by a Japanese company. There are handmade bandanas from India.


Relwen, based in Ohio, makes classic clothing designed to last.


“They are made the old-fashioned way, by hand with one tailor completed each garment and putting their name on the label!,” he explained.


Bandanas made by Kardo.


Witt also carries a few large corporate brands like Patagonia and Birkenstock, which fit the focus of the store and also suit Witt’s preference for businesses that operate ethically and sustainably.

A mid-city resident, Witt is very familiar with Larchmont and regularly shops at the Larchmont Sunday Famers Market. He had a shop on Third Street, near Joan’s on Third, and was very active in helping promote the area as a destination for shopping and dining. However, the combination of the pandemic and the property damage caused during the racial justice protests last May, forced Witt to close the shop and he never re-opened.

Wittmore continued to operate online and his other locations while he investigated re-opening in a new location. Witt told us he’d looked at Larchmont before but nothing was quite right. He said he also considered moving into the new Christina development project, but all the 1,000 square foot spaces were taken. So when this space became available,  he took it. Witt said the space is just right for his brand and hopefully, the timing will be right, too. He said he’s thrilled to be across the street and very excited about more shops opening on Larchmont.


Wittmore at 137 1/2 North Larchmont.


We agree that it’s nice to see the street filling up with retail shops after so seeing so many vacant spaces over the past year. We don’t even mind that it’s harder to park, our personal indicator that the street is coming back to life.

Wittmore is joined by another new retailer, Res Ipsa, which opened earlier this month. And Corridor led the way last fall, opening just in time to celebrate Larchmont’s centennial. All three businesses are independently owned and offer customers a unique shopping experience with clothing and accessories focused primarily on men but also have a unisex styling that appeals to women as well.

Witt is a firm believer in retail as a relationship-based business and shuttles between his stores personally, checking in often, so perhaps you can meet him when you visit. His passion for fashion and the creating a fun retail experience is evident from the store and his deep roots in the retail world and the neighborhood make him a welcome addition to the street.




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Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard is the publisher of the Larchmont Buzz. Patty lives with her family in Fremont Place. She has been active in neighborhood issues since moving here in 1989. Her pictorial history, "Larchmont" for Arcadia Press is available at Chevalier's Books.

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  1. Popped inside yesterday. Great new store on Larchmont and had a great chat with Paul. Also bought some super comfortable Vuori lifestyle pants.


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