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Daphne Brogdon Shares Family-Friendly Fare and Laughs on Food Network Series

Food Network Host Daphne Brogdon – ‘Daphne Dishes’ | Photo Courtesy of Food Network.
Food Network Host Daphne Brogdon – ‘Daphne Dishes’ | Photo Courtesy of Food Network.

Blogger, stand up comic, and Longwood Highlands neighbor, Daphne Brogdon added ‘Food Network show host’ to her resume this week. Brogdon, married to chef Mark Peel, is sharing her unique take on creating meals that taste good and are easy to prepare in a Food Network series called ‘Daphne Dishes.’

According to Brogdon, the opportunity to create this show arose from Food Network seeing her online work. Brogdon co-created Momversation, a platform where mom bloggers speak via video. The hub had over 2 million unique users a month at one time. She also created – a site where the comedienne gets to work things out and share them with her online followers. Since 2008 she has created over 500 videos. It was that video library which attracted the attention of a Food Network executive who saw them and reached out to Brogdon over 3 years ago. One could say the show has been in development for that period of time…which Brogdon might refer to as a long, low simmer.

TV isn’t new to Brogdon…she’s been a host on and off since 1996. Her last TV job was on TV Guide, which ended Jan 2011. Since then, Brogdon has focused on family – raising her young children and working with husband Mark Peel on his restaurants, consulting and catering. As the show was being developed it happened that in her everyday life she was really getting immersed in the culinary world. And when Campanile closed on October 31, 2012 (Peel’s signature restaurant on La Brea), she started cooking a lot more. Eating out wasn’t all that interesting to her anymore. And like a lot of couples with young children, you can’t go out like you used to.

Some of the recipes Brogdon uses on the show are recipes from her childhood…reworked for a more refined palate. In the first episode, she updates what her mom considered to be healthy meals back in the day.

And sometimes she just takes a nap and something comes to her, which is also how she used to write jokes before her stand-up gigs.

The show is filmed in their Longwood Highlands* home. You can catch the first episode of ‘Daphne Dishes’ on Food Network re-runs this week. Subsequent installments will first air on Sundays at 12pm.

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*Longwood Highlands is the area adjacent to Brookside, south of Wilshire Boulevard and east of Highland Avenue.



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