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Pseudonymous Bosch (Secretly) Visits Pilgrim School


The author, Pseudomonyous Bosch, signs books for students, while remaining secretive in public.
The author, Pseudonymous Bosch, signs books for students behind dark glasses,  so as to remain as secretive as possible about his true identity in public.

Pilgrim School students recently spent the morning with celebrated author, Pseudonymous Bosch, whose real name is anonymous.  Mr. Bosch is the author of the very popular Secret Series starting with The Name of This Book is Secret and ending with the just-released Write This Book: A Do-It-Yourself Mystery, in which the author gets his unsuspecting readers to do his work for him.  During his visit many students tried to trick the elusive author into revealing his real name but it didn’t work. The pen name Pseudonymous Bosch is a reference to the 15th century Dutch morality painter Hieronymus Bosch about which little is known either.

51IjG363wqL._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-44,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_At Pilgrim Mr. Bosch shared some excerpts of his next book Bad Magic (due out in September) with the students, who were the very first to hear the new book. Pilgrim students like “Staff M.” (not his real name)  asked about the author’s sources of inspiration and his beginnings and got Bosch to share stories of his childhood and secrets of his writing process.

In The Secret Series, a collection of novels based on the five senses,  Bosch often interrupts his stories with asides and “secret” information.  In This Book Is Not Good For You, exploring the sense of taste, the author warns of the dangers of school children:

“You know, people always warn children about taking candy from strange adults. But they never warn us adults about taking candy from strange children. All those sweet-looking kids who sell boxes of candy bars on the street to help pay for schooling – how do we know what’s in those bars? And don’t even get me started on that nefarious institution designed to lure unsuspecting customers into buying mysterious frosted goodies: the bake sale.  Adults, be warned: if a child wanted to poison you it would be a piece of cake! Literally a piece of cake.”

Pseudonymous-BoschWhen Bosch was signing books, a Pilgrim student named “Journey S.” brought his favorite Bosch book from middle school to be signed, and since it was his birthday, the author gave him an autographed inflatable magic wand.  Said Journey of the famously reclusive Bosch, “His mysteriousness makes him more interesting as an author.”

Ironically, despite Bosch’s veil of anonymity with the students, Ms. Kristine Williams, Secondary Librarian and Coordinator of the Visiting Writers Program, stated that the School’s goal is to demystify the creative process for our students.  Authors like Pseudonymous Bosch who share their work and their process, help them to understand that creativity is something that can be a part of their everyday life, not something that lives in a box and only comes out on special occasions.”

In the words of PB in The Name of This Book Is Secret: ““Xxxx xxxx x xxxx, xxxxx xxx x xxx xxx x xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxx xx Xxxxxxx.”

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Renee Montgomery
Renee Montgomery
Renee Montgomery began researching historic men's waistcoats at LACMA in 1979 as an intern, and is still at the museum as an Assistant Director in administration. She's written for various local media and museum publications, focusing on 'small town pockets' in urban L.A. She resides in Lafayette Square and has one daughter, a professional ballet dancer. Having never lost her zeal for her 'aggie' San Gabriel Valley/Riverside upbringing, Renee currently sells citrus and homegrown produce to support dog rescue efforts.

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