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Paula Carlotto’s Alegria Bazaar and Marcie Bronkar Home Couture at 128 1/2 N Larchmont Blvd

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During these times, it is refreshing to encounter patience, beauty and a genuine appreciation of sharing. This is why I’m excited about featuring the curated works that Paula Carlotto offers at Alegria Bazaar in my space at 128 1/2 North Larchmont Blvd.

A colorful, little boutique on Larchmont is making a quiet gentle impact of spirt and gratitude in our community.  By searching the globe for artisan quality beautiful things that make us feel good to have around us, Paula Carlotto has filled Alegria Bazaar with unique items, each with a story and a celebration of the artisan hand that is evident in every item.

Larchmont can expect to see Paula as a regular presence at my shop, as we both want to set the record straight that Alegria Bazaar is not another pop-up on our boulevard. Marcie Bronkar Home Couture is thrilled to cohabitate with Alegria Bazaar to bring authentic elegance to Larchmont.

Carlotto has one of the largest and diversified collections of crystals, all with a defining story. Her radiant beauty and spirt is what drives the shop and a passion and knowledge of each and every item. It’s clear from the loyal supporters in our community that showing gratitude and kindness is very much in vogue – which is just what we all need now.

Below are just a few items featured in the store. Stop by and see more.

Marcie Bronkar

Lush hand prints out of artisan textiles beautifully crafted as chic quilted coats.
Carnelian and Blue Leopard Opal Necklace. Carnelian is know as the stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage. The stone restores vitality and stimulates creativity.
A  renewal or cleansing kit with Palo Santo and bundled sage, locally sourced and Abalone shell.  Palo Santa means Holly Stick or Holly Wood and it was used by the Andes for spiritual purifying and cleansing negative energies or influences.
Amethyst and Buddha with Palo Santo to heal you and the space you live.
Alegria Bazaar welcomes you into her healing vibe filled with beautiful, artisanal objects all locally made, each with its own story.

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