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Are You Ready for the SAT?

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Are You Ready for the SAT?

I spent a decade working for a test prep company in Washington, DC, and now I’m a private SAT and ACT tutor here in Los Angeles. On both coasts, it can be difficult to separate fact from rumor, and families often receive contradictory advice from counselors, friends, and test prep companies. The truth is that there is no super secret strategy that guarantees great SAT scores, and different students will take different paths based on their strengths and their schedules. Still, there are a few general principles that parents and students should know:

  • never take an SAT without some sort of prep (you wouldn’t take an important final exam without studying!)
  • start prep 2 to 3 months before test day
  • the March SAT is the most popular date, but everyone should test at least once junior year
  • register for the test with the Essay
  • take full-length practice exams
  • consistency is key, so stick to a schedule
  • practice what you’re bad at

As a private tutor, I can design a personalized program that focuses on your child’s specific weaknesses. Since we can organize the in-home sessions around your schedule, it’s easy to practice consistently. Moreover, I’ve written my own note packets that let me target narrow topics one at a time, instead of bombarding the student with dozens of rules and strategies all at once. I also give each of my students a copy of the Official SAT Study Guide so that our practice tests are real SATs.

I encourage parents and students to try the sample math problem and watch my video explanation. You’ll see why so many students who earn top grades in school struggle with the SAT—the questions “disguise” the topics they test and include “trick” answer choices. (There’s a rumor that the ACT is easier because it’s more straightforward, but it’s not true!) In many cases, students already have the skills to succeed but lack the confidence to work through difficult, confusing questions.

For this reason, I offer interested families a free 1-hour tutoring session so that they can meet me and make sure I’m the right fit. Students who are confident in my teaching ability are much more likely to try my strategies and succeed.

Visit my website to learn more about my experience and my methods. Even if you’re leaning toward a group class or self-study, feel free to call or email with your SAT and ACT questions. Advice is always free!

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