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Hydee Feldstein Soto for LA City Attorney


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I am Hydee Feldstein Soto and I am running for LA City Attorney to help create an LA that works for everyone in this City that I love. I have the qualifications, competence, energy and commitment to do this job from Day One, without political baggage or aspirations beyond this office.

I believe our city is in crisis – from homelessness and the tragedy of tens of thousands of unhoused persons in our neighborhoods, to the surge in retail crime and hate crimes, to the corruption at City Hall. There is much that the City Attorney can do to address the issues that confront our city, and my top priorities include:

Accountability and Rooting Out Corruption

I will serve as an independent elected official committed to rooting out the culture of corruption that permeates our local government. I’ll fight to put an end to no-bid contracts and provide greater transparency for the public. I have made a firm pledge I will not seek any other office beyond that of City Attorney so that I can serve in this role with full independence.

Corruption has cast a shadow on City Hall for years now. Sitting elected officials have been repeatedly charged with bribery and malfeasance, and it is destroying public trust. A 595-page Special Master’s report last year concluded that 5 lawyers employed by our current City Attorney’s Office violated the rules of professional conduct. Our City Attorney’s office was raided by the FBI and the Department of Justice, the City Attorney’s Office was sanctioned for misconduct in the LADWP scandal to the tune of $2.5 million, and one of the top managers in the City Attorney’s Office has pleaded guilty to criminal extortion. It has to end.

Reducing Homelessness

There is no reason LA should have allowed its homeless crisis to spiral so far out of control. I will use every resource in the City’s legal tool belt to provide access to competitive bidding, streamline the approvals needed from the City, get the County and State health departments to provide the mental health and addiction services required, and make sure that the process of housing and sheltering those who need it is done responsibly and affordably.

One step is to end the no-bid contracts which are driving the cost of supportive housing ten times above what it should be.

Protecting Our Neighborhoods

I believe in safe schools and safe neighborhoods. The City Attorney can make a substantial difference in keeping our communities safe and protecting the vulnerable among us.

LA is a top point of entry for drugs and victims of human trafficking. As City Attorney, I will use the resources of the office to cooperate with law enforcement, as well as taxing and regulatory authorities, in the detection, pursuit and prosecution of those profiting from abuse and exploitation.

As the first woman City Attorney in LA history, I will also stand for women and girls, creating a special task force that makes sure victims of domestic violence and human trafficking have a lifeline and a pathway to a better life in Los Angeles. Notably, domestic violence is among the leading contributors to homelessness in our City. We must act to protect victims before they end up on our streets.

Finally, financial scams and physical abuse consistently target our seniors and elderly. As City Attorney, I will play a key role in helping public health and law enforcement identify and report senior abuse and use the office to pursue those who prey on our seniors.

Environmental Safety and Enforcement

I am proudly endorsed by both the Sierra Club and the LA League of Conservation Voters and am committed to advancing clean air and water for our neighborhoods.

The oil wells around the City have been leaking and oozing onto our alleys and sidewalks. There are sinkholes, backups and spills in and from our wastewater outlets and our aging sewer system. The failure to enforce laws, inspections and requirements and the failure to repair and update our infrastructure are at least partially to blame. In addition, the drafting of protective ordinances needs work to be effective. My office will draft laws clearly to fulfill their advertised and intended purpose, enforce inspection and other requirements to prevent or mitigate environmental damage before it starts and enforce the law with consequences for those responsible.

Thank You for Taking the Time to Read About My Vision and Plans.

I left Puerto Rico at age 17 to attend college and law school, which gave me a career that I am proud to say took me to the height of my profession. I have now spent the last six years of my career engaging in community advocacy, bringing my skills and determination to the improvement of my community.

The LA City Attorney’s Office is one of the largest public law firms in the United States. I would bring to this job the discipline and expertise I gained in private practice – leading and managing teams of attorneys, negotiating high profile, multimillion and often multibillion-dollar contracts, and operating where the stakes are as high as we see in City Hall. I would look to build a world-class operation that survives my departure when I go home after my time in this office is up, since it is not a landing spot or a stepping stone for me. It is very much something I want to do for the good of all of us who call Los Angeles home.

I appreciate your consideration of my candidacy for LA City Attorney, and please vote by this Tuesday November 8.



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