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Preserving the Beauty of Hancock Park; You and Your HPOZ

Preserving the Beauty of Hancock Park. Important information you should know about your HPOZ


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With the new year,  many homeowners’ thoughts have turned to remodeling. Don’t forget when you start your planning to check with our Hancock Preservation Plan to make sure your plans don’t conflict with our Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. Our HPOZ has protected Hancock Park for 15 years (starting in 2008). Because of our HPOZ,  our neighborhood’s precious architectural and historic heritage has been preserved.

Our HPOZ governs changes to the street visible, structural façade. This include side facades that are visible from the street, which is particularly important if your house is on a corner lot. The visibility is determined by our City Planner and is done from the sidewalk. Hedges and trees do not determine visibility. This also includes any new hardscape, so if you’re considering removing your water-hungry lawn with something more appropriate to our environment, keep in mind the City’s recommendation that all landscaping consist of 60% live plant material. The rest can be non-permanent mulch. And don’t forget your driveway and walkways; any changes need to be reviewed and approved. Just because the work doesn’t require a building permit doesn’t always mean it doesn’t require HPOZ review.

For information about our HPOZ, a copy of the Preservation Plan, and contact information see website:

This is the time of year we ask residents to become dues-paying members of the HPHOA. You should already have received an email or letter letting you know how to pay your dues. All residents of Hancock Park are members of the Association, but dues-paying members can also vote in Association elections. And, best of all, paying your dues helps fund important neighborhood improvements such as tree planting and shows your commitment to maintaining our wonderful neighborhood.

Remember, we’re all volunteers! Visit our website to find out more – Hancock Park Homeowners Association est 1948.


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