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When submitting events to the Buzz Calendar, please follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Use a short but descriptive title of your event.
  2. If your event’s location is not already in our list, please add the location name and address. (This is important so people can find your event, and also because the location name appears in the event listing on the front page of our website, in the format “event title@location.”)
  3. Please note that the entry page does not accept photo attachments.  If you do have a photo (.jpg format preferred) or flier .pdf that you’d like to include, you can send it to [email protected], with a request that it be added to your entry – we’ll be happy to oblige!

Finally, please also note that events submitted by readers go into a moderation queue for review by our editors, and will not appear on our calendar until after that review is complete. We will make every effort to review submissions in the most timely manner possible.

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