Apron Parking Update

Go ahead – use that apron again without fear of repercussion.  Apron ticketing is now officially suspended according to Councilman Tom LaBonge’s office (unless you hang out too far, or block the sidewalk.)  On October 12th the City Council suspended enforcement of LAMC Section 80.53 which didn’t allow drivers to “stop, stand or park a vehicle within any parkway.” By parkway they mean the area between the sidewalk and street, where many driveways flare out like an apron.

Many residents have long used their driveway aprons for parking when street spots are tight or their driveways are full, so when enforcement tickets of $60 started being handed out in August, many Angelenos protested. But worry no longer. Go ahead and leave your car in the apron. Then get inside and put on a real apron and get making that dinner!

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