Crime Alert – Hancock Park Property Crime Up Significantly January 8th – 14th

Crime reports are up significantly for the latest week in eight L.A. neighborhoods, including Hancock Park,  according to an analysis of LAPD data by the Los Angeles Times.

There were 13 property crimes committed in Hancock Park…ranging from theft from a vehicle, to burglary, to grand theft auto.  This is about double the average rate of property crimes in Hancock Park over the prior three months.

Alerts are based on an analysis of crime reports for Jan. 8–Jan. 14, the most recent seven days for which data are available.

LA Times Alert:  Mapping LA/Hancock Park

Reminders from the LAPD:

  • when you see a crime in progress or realize you have been a victim of crime – call 911.

The city is working to reduce crime by entering all crime data into their system, crunching the numbers and re-deploying personnel according to the story the numbers tell.  Call 911 and be sure that you file a crime report with LAPD.

Here’s a few other auto safety tips…

  • Lock It: Lock your vehicle every time you leave it unattended and always lock your valuables in the trunk.

  • Hide It: If you don’t have a trunk, hide valuables under the seats, in the glove box, or other compartments within the vehicle.

  • Keep It: Personal responsibility is the best prevention to safeguard personal property and to prevent becoming a victim.

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