Don’t Roll Through! New Stop Sign at 2nd and Plymouth

New STOP sign at 2nd and Plymouth

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation reports that the new 4-way stop at 2nd and Plymouth was installed due to speeding concerns along this stretch of 2nd Street.

Initially, a study conducted by LADOT in February of 2011 indicated a moderate level of speeding. In an effort to reduce vehicular speeds and address associated safety concerns, LADOT subsequently installed a double yellow centerline striping and curve warning signs with advisory reduce speed warning signs through this stretch of 2nd Street.

A new traffic engineering study was completed in response to a request from Council Member Tom La Bonge’s office to install additional traffic safety controls at 2nd Street and Plymouth Boulevard. While the average speed had been reduced by approximately 2 mph from the February 2011 study, the speed was still higher than the acceptable threshold of 30 mph for a designated local residential street. Previously, 2nd Street was uncontrolled from Larchmont to Windsor…a distance of 1010 feet. According to the LADOT, the new 4-way stop at 2nd Street and Plymouth Boulevard will establish the appropriate pattern of stop controls in this residential community, and provide a mechanism to reduce vehicular speeds on 2nd Street.

So no rolling now…pay attention!  Slow down…stop…and enjoy a slower ride down 2nd Street through this part of the neighborhood.


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