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Early Morning Bike Theft in Larchmont Village

Photo Credit - Notwist, WikiMedia Commons

Larchmont Village neighbors should be alert to an early morning theft of two bikes.

A local neighbor reported that between 4:30a-5a Thursday morning, thieves hopped a locked fence and stole two bikes that were hidden under a tarp. It appeared that the thief knew exactly where to go to – perhaps having had the opportunity to case things prior to the early morning visit.

Just a reminder to be alert! Pay attention to those middle of the night sounds that cause the dogs to bark or make you want to get out of bed and take a look.

In addition, be sure to put valuables out of sight – both the valuables you might be inclined to leave in your car (don’t) and the valuables you leave on your porch or in your back/side yard. It’s awfully quiet in the wee hours of the morning and most people are deep in the REM cycle of sleep. It’s a favorite time for thieves to operate.

Be sure to report all crime to the LAPD – call 911 and then call any security service you subscribe to.  It’s important for LAPD to log your crime in their sophisticated crime database. The LAPD allocates resources based on where crimes are happening.

UPDATE February 24th: Word came through late last night that a generous Larchmont Village neighbor heard about the crime and stepped in to help the victims, a family of three, get back on bikes by mid-day. Bravo!


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