East Hollywood Domestic Dispute Impacts Neighborhood

Just after 12:30p on Thursday, it is reported that a violent gunman entered the home of a former girlfriend in the 500 North block of Harvard Boulevard in East Hollywood. Very quickly, the home was engulfed in flames.  It took over 150 LA firefighters about 2.5 hours to knock down the fire, according to the LAFD spokesman Matt Spence.

Two people died in the incident.  It is believed that the gunman is among the dead. The former girlfriend and two others are recovering.


For more on the story see the CBS News – Suspected Gunman, Victim Found Dead Inside LA House

At least 2 schools in our area were on lock-down for much of the afternoon as a result of this event…both St. Brendan School and St. James School used their emergency plan/phone system to take the proper precautions on behalf of their students; to notify parents and to remain inside until LAPD gave instructions that all was clear.  There was police activity at 6th and Manhattan Place, reportedly the last known residence of the shooter/arsonist. Both schools received the “all clear” before 3p.

During the incident, twitter was a great resource for the latest news. It’s recommended that you follow our Twitter feed on the home page of the Larchmont Buzz website during such incidents – or use your own Twitter account to follow @LAFD and other emergency resources/twitter accounts.

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