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Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Board Meeting – Wednesday, May 9th

The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council meets this week on Wednesday, May 9th at 7p. Highlights of the agenda are below.

It’s a very full slate! The Larchmont Buzz encourages you to get involved – either by joining the Board (see Board vacancies below) or just by showing up. The GWNC Board deals with many issues that impact our neighborhood in a variety of ways – both short and long term.


Partial Agenda for Wednesday, May 9 GWNC Board Meeting

The Ebell of Los Angeles
4400 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010
Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
Full agenda available at –


PUBLIC Comment: The public is requested to fill out a Speaker Card to address the Board on any item on the agenda. Comments from the public on the agenda items will be heard only when that item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters, not appearing on the agenda but within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction, will be heard during the Public Comment period. Public comment is limited to two (2) minutes per speaker, unless waived by the presiding officer of the Board.


Call to Order (Owen Smith)

A. Board Vacancies* (call for volunteers; if no volunteers tonight, please recruit)*:

  • Area 1 (Brookside) – Alternate
  • Area 2 (Citrus Square) – Alternate
  • Area 9 (Oakwood-Maplewood-St. Andrews) – Alternate
  • Area 12 (We-Wil) – Director & Alternate
  • Renter – Alternate

Community Concerns/Public Comments (5 mins.):

A. Nat King Cole Post Office Update (Henrietta Cosentino)

Local Government Updates (15 mins)

A. CD4 Update (Ben Seinfeld)

B. CD5 Update (John Darnell)

C. CD10 Update (Sylvia Lacy)

D. 42nd Assembly District Update (Nicole Carcel)

E. 47th Assembly District Update (Charles Stewart)

F. 26th Senate District Update (Andrew Lachman)

Funding Requests (to be filled from amount available in “Community Projects – Other (yet to be assigned)”*:

New Requests:

i. Van Ness Elementary School (Katy Iriarte)

ii. Kitty Bungalow (Lisa Cahan Davis/Shawn Simons)

DWP Oversight (Jack Humphreville) (5 mins)*

City Budget Issues (Humphreville) (5 mins)*

Transportation Committee (Gerda McDonough) (5 mins.)

Outreach Committee (Mary Rajswing) (5 mins.)

Land Use Committee (Wolf) (30 mins)

A. Approval of Small-Lot Subdivision for Construction of 49 Single-Family Residences at 5112 W. Melrose:

Issue: Applicant is requesting a small-lot subdivision to build 49 single-family residences (which will look much like townhouses, but there will be a 4” separation between buildings), with a 10’ landscaped setback at Melrose and Gramercy. Project is less dense than current zoning allows. Land Use Committee members expressed support for many elements of the project, but also expressed concerns about parking, green/open space, overall design issues, and maintenance.

B. Conversion of 9 Apartment Units to a 26-Room Board and Care Facility at 901 S. Wilton:

Issue: Applicants are seeking to convert 9 apartment units (in two buildings on this parcel) to a 26-room board and care facility with six parking spaces. In two visits to the Land Use Committee in 2011, committee members expressed concerns with increasing density of the site, lack of parking for staff and visitors, and lack of open space and amenities for residents. They also encouraged applicants to engage in discussions with the Wilshire Park and Country Club Heights Neighborhood Associations. Applicants were invited to return to the LUC in April, but did not appear at the meeting. The Wilshire Park and Country Club Heights Associations report that applicants did not address their groups, and the associations presented petitions and letters from more than 100 residents opposing the project.

Potential Agenda Items for May 22 LUC Meeting, in addition to those above:

  • Review of recent Early Planning Notices in the GWNC area
  • Review of liquor permit renewal for Gon Ji Am Restaurant, 4353 Beverly Blvd.

* Board Action May Be Requested or Required on These Items

(Full agenda available at –


Translators, sign language interpreters, and listening devices for the hard-of-hearing are available upon request. To ensure the availability of services, please make your request at least three (3) business days (72 hours) before the scheduled meeting date by contacting the GWNC Board Secretary, Elizabeth Fuller via email: [email protected] or the Empower LA Neighborhood Council help line at (213) 485-1360.

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Mary has lived in the Hancock Park area for over 20 years - including homes in Larchmont Village and Windsor Square. Mary has lived in some great places in her life - but none compare to the convenience and majesty of our neighborhood. For Mary, the neighborhood has been a wonderful home to her large, extended one time she had family members living on seven different Hancock Park area blocks! Larchmont Buzz is a labor of love - built to celebrate the neighborhood and to elevate the conversation in the area.

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