Hit-and-Run on Olympic Blvd at Norton

The LAPD is looking for the driver of a black SUV with front end damage and missing side-view mirror that struck and killed 42 year old Dough Harden on Olympic Blvd on Saturday night at 11:24 pm near Norton Ave. A memorial of flowers and photos has been placed on the sidewalk near where the incident happened  and family members are asking for help in finding the driver involved in the accident.

Harden and his girlfriend  were picking up Korean take-out food when he decided to check on lottery tickets across the street. Several lanes of cars had stopped for him, but the vehicle in the far lane evidently didn’t see him where he was crossing mid-block near Norton Ave.

Anyone with information about the incident should call the LAPD Tip Line at 877-527-3247.

ABC News: Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run crash near Koreatown

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