Hollywood Arson Fires – LAPD on Alert

Two nights in a row – arson fires have been set just to the north of us in Hollywood and West Hollywood. Did you hear the helicopters going all night/morning earlier today? It sounds like the last fire was set around 4:45a this morning…

Here’s a map of where Friday morning’s fires occurred.

LA TimesArson Fires Plague Hollywood Area

A little too close for comfort.

Just a reminder – when you hear helicopters overhead, you can visit our home page and check out the twitter feed (especially in the wee hours of the morning when local news teams aren’t likely to be active). Citizen tweeters were sharing information and you could quickly see that something bigger than just a one location event was going on.

  • Via twitter you could see that homeowners in the affected areas received robo calls – waking them up and telling them about what was going on. A great service when you are in a deep sleep and fires are involved.
  • Via LAFD’s twitter feed @LAFD you could see the address and timing of almost all the fires.
Knowing why the helicopters were up didn’t make sleeping through the thump of helicopters in the distance any easier. But it’s good to know whether or not you need to take any action to protect your home, family, friends, etc.

Be safe.


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