Increase in Auto Break-ins Driving Crime Rates Up

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Olympic Division Senior Lead Officer Joseph Pelayo reports that LAPD is seeing a marked increase in crime in the Melrose/Gower/Beverly/Western areas of our neighborhood.  He has asked community voices to share this information with neighborhood friends and neighbors so they can take the proper precautions to keep their property from being targeted.

The LAPD makes the following recommendations:

Larchmont Village is in its 4th consecutive week under a Crime Alert, according to the LA Times’ Crime LA database…Larchmont Crime Mapping . This LA Times crime report will give you a complete overview of crimes in the area over the past several weeks.  Please be sure to scroll down the page to see types of crime and locations.

This trend in crime in the Larchmont Village area matches up to what was being seen in the Hancock Park area earlier in the month (see Buzz post re: HP crime).

LAPD is on it, but when someone wants to break into a car it’s a very quick crime.  The thief is prepared to work quickly – anticipating that the noise of the glass breaking and/or the noise of a car alarm will alert the neighbors. It’s smash, grab and run. So be sure to adhere to the “Lock It” tips from the LAPD above. You’ll feel better in the long run and make your car less of a target if the thief is looking for valuables through the windows.



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