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LA Arson – Person of Interest Detained

Credit: Photo by Ringo H.W. Chu for the LA Times

Our city is 52+ fires into this terrible nightmare of nightly fear and destruction…12 more fires set last night. This morning, a person of interest was detained on the corner of Sunset and Fairfax…he matches the description of the person who was seen in the videos.

Each night we hear the sirens and the helicopters knowing that much of this needless destruction is going on less than 3 miles from our neighborhood. We imagine the terror residents of Hollywood, West Hollywood  and even the Fairfax District are living with. We consider the exhaustion that the heroes of LAFD and LAPD are functioning under and look for ways to support them in their service to our neighbors.

On New Year’s Eve, the fires started early – a little before 6p. Things were happening quickly…one fire. Two fires. Reports of suspect sightings. Photos showing 3 plumes of smoke rising up in Hollywood…

All of this played out on Twitter like the grand drama that it was. If you had a question – ask it. Soon you had the answer. If you had some information – share it. Soon everyone knew what you knew…they could process it immediately and act on that information. In short order, you could see West Hollywood organizing and putting eyes in the street.

Increasingly, Twitter is becoming the go to tool for communicating in an emergency. We highly recommend that you get a Twitter account and learn to use it as a tool for consuming information. When LA has an earthquake, Twitter will be a very critical part of the communication plan for LAPD, LAFD, DWP, the Mayor, the Red Cross and every other important emergency service. You can see how helpful Twitter is in this run of arson attacks. LAPD and LAFD are using it – and they are getting good at it.

We’re wondering if we ran a clinic for teaching neighbors how to set up and use their Twitter account – would anyone be interested in attending? Comment below…

Here is a link to a front page article in Tuesday’s New York Times regarding the arsons…

NYTCars Set on Fire, and Los Angeles Set on Edge

And below you’ll see a map that give perspective to the area under seige. This map was put together by KABC-TV and inlcudes all fires set through Sunday, January 1st at 10p.

View Arson fires in Los Angeles in a larger map

Larchmont Buzz UPDATE: 3:30p January 2, 2012 – The LA Times posted an article about the importance of social media in the LA Arson events. More support for the role Twitter played in communicating information.  And another call to get a Twitter account! When you do, don’t forget to follow The Larchmont Buzz – @larchmontbuzz

LA Times – L.A. Arson: A Turning Point for Police Use of Twitter, Social Media

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