LAPD Nabs Two Suspects in Burglary on Wilton

LAPD responded to a burglary alarm call at approximately 11 am yesterday, June 12th, and nabbed two suspects fleeing a home on the 500 block of South Wilton after the burglar alarm was set off.  LAPD was quick to respond and used helicopter and officer patrols to spot the suspects and set up a containment of the area. They apprehended two black male suspects who are believed to be part of the “Knock Knock” burglaries, and who are now in custody.

“The investigations is ongoing,” Senior Lead Officer Joseph Pelayo confirmed with the Buzz this morning. “Based on their methods, there is a high probability they could be the same people who have been hitting the Larchmont Village and  Windsor Square areas these past few weeks. The Knock Knock Task Force in the Olympic Division will be handling the matter. At this time, we believe the suspects or their colleagues will most likely be linked to the string of local burglaries.”

Pelayo reminded residents to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activities to 911 or to the Olympic Division at  213-382-9102.

The LAPD does not yet know what material they may recover with this arrest, but any victims of the recent burglaries should feel free to be in contact with the special Knock Knock Task Force at 213-382-9440.

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