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Larchmont Boulevard: Quiet Protest…or Marketing Ploy?

Driving up Larchmont Boulevard early this morning I noticed these peace signs – silk-screened on black material and carefully wrapped around the trunk of every ficus between Beverly and 1st Street.

I have to say…I’ve seen the one at Beverly and Larchmont for the past week. But I never noticed that there were others… Maybe the others were there and the one in front of the bagel shop was the only one that grabbed my attention?  Perhaps it was the fog before coffee at 7a?

Anyhow – there they were…loud and clear on this beautiful Saturday morning. Now, I like the peace sign just as much as the next person…but I couldn’t help but wonder what this was about? What’s the message? Who is behind the message? And do they have the right to essentially take-over our street in such a way?

Luckily, there was a postcard tucked inside one of the banners. The postcard defines two terms – Peaceful Rebellion and Solidarity. And it has a website address. The website address (which I’m not going to post…if you want it, leave a comment and I’ll send it to you) took me to a site for T-shirts.  All proceeds from T-shirt sales go to helping people in the Horn of Africa. I don’t have time to check-out this group right now…whether they are reputable; whether the money will really get to the Horn of Africa.  I’ll try to do that later and post in the comments…

I will say, from a marketing stand-point, they’ve nailed it. I think they quietly put up one banner – waited to see if anyone would complain. Then put up a bunch of banners. Hoping to stimulate conversation… and getting people like me to be over-curious, figure it out and share.

Just putting it out there for debate…how do you feel about this? Personally, I don’t like it. I think it sets a bad precedent for junking up the street with what essentially is a guerrilla billboard. No matter the message.

How do you feel? Would love to hear your comments…


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  1. I think it looks like a fist–but whatever it is, what’s the difference between this and flyers stapled to the trees…or grafitti, for that matter? Even if it was for a lost dog, I don’t think Larchmont biz owners should tolerate this.

  2. It’s not legal to post advertising or campaign literature of any sort on public property, trees, lampposts, power poles. Even if we support the message.


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