Local Accident – Late Night Drama With a Happy Ending

Photo courtesy of Michael Moshay, local resident and amateur photographer.

For neighbors on Irving and 2nd, the calm of Friday night was broken by a dramatic car accident.  As you can imagine from this picture, the accident involved a lot of noise, a lot of water and a scary period of not knowing the condition of the occupants of the car.

At approximately 10pm, the 18 year old driver of this 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee was allegedly speeding west on 2nd Street when he attempted to turn left (south) on Irving Boulevard. As you can see in the photo, the car landed upside down and hit the fire hydrant just missing the lamp post. The homeowner at 2nd and Irving called 911, but didn’t know the condition of those inside the car because the water was too strong to get close. Fortunately, the driver and the four female passengers escaped without injury.

When fire trucks arrived, there was some difficulty turning off the water because the shut off was located underneath the car.  The water ran for about a half hour before it was finally turned off.  There was damage to the plants in front of the house where the accident occurred, with a lot of soil being washed down the street.

The police determined that the driver was not drinking.  The tires on his vehicle were completely bald and that probably contributed to his inability to make the turn at a high speed and with the weight of four passengers.

What a great picture! It truly captures the drama involved with this incident.


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