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Police Respond at Wells Fargo Larchmont

Photo Courtesy of Albert Fisher

There was an incident at the Wells Fargo on Larchmont Thursday around 2p that provided a good scare for the people inside the bank, as well as for people who live and work in the community.

According to police scanner twitter feed @wehodaily, “a woman at bank on larchmont and beverly told teller and manager she is being held against her will by man she is with.” LAPD Officers responded and took the appropriate precautions, including clearing the bank of all personnel and guests.

Larchmont Buzz reader Albert Fisher was in the bank at the time of the episode and sent us some pictures that illustrate the intensity of the response. Apparently there was a misunderstanding and things ended quickly after LAPD established that everyone was OK.

UPDATE:  9a Friday, August 3:  According to a source that was inside the bank, the call to LAPD was sparked by a comment made by one customer to another. The individual was seated at a chair in the NE side of the space and allegedly told the other customer that she was being held against her will by the man who was making a transaction at the teller window on the opposite side of the bank. The second customer asked someone at the bank to call 911. When LAPD arrived, they cleared the bank and arrested the man. According to the source, the relationship between the two was allegedly one of pimp-prostitute.


Photo Courtesy of Albert Fisher


LAPD evacuates Wells Fargo Larchmont – photo courtesy of Albert Fisher


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