President Obama Hancock Park Fundraiser Slated for October 24th

Obama/Hudson Closure 2010 Impacted City-Wide Traffic

It looks like President Obama will be returning to Hancock Park.  The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that area residents Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith-Banderas will be hosting a Latino fundraiser at their Hancock Park home on Monday, October 24th.  The evening is set to commence at 6pm.

President Obama’s first trip to Hancock Park in August of 2010 was a traffic nightmare.  Drivers reported sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for 3+ hours during peak rush hour time – even for rides that typically took 30 minutes or less.

Since then, the city has successfully weathered a number of potentially thick traffic situations…including the closing of the 405 (Carmageddon); the recent President Obama fundraiser in West Hollywood; and the wildly successful Hancock Park weekend stay of Britain’s Royal Couple.

Has the city of Los Angeles and the advance team for the Obama campaign learned from that dreadful August afternoon from a little over a year ago?  Or will we experience Hancock Park-ing Lot 2?

Expect to hear a lot about this campaign visit over the coming week!  You can read about it by clicking on the link below:

The Hollywood ReporterAntonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith Holding Obama Fundraiser at Their Home

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