SSA Security Group Apprehends Burglary/Theft from Motor Vehicle Suspect

On March 31, 2012 at approximately 1:30a the on duty SSA officer completed a construction check at the 100 block of South Beachwood Avenue. As the officer drove away he observed a suspicious male (later identified as a Suspect) in the middle of the intersection of 1st and Plymouth. The SSA officer engaged him in conversation to ascertain what he was doing in the neighborhood as the officer was acutely aware of the late night/early morning incidents of Burglary/Theft from Motor Vehicles (B/TFMV) occurring in Windsor Square and Hancock Park.

The suspect attempted to ease the officer’s suspicions, but his reasoning was illogical. The suspect was less than cooperative in answering the SSA officers’ questions and elected to walk away.

The officer drove out of sight of the suspect. He placed the suspect under observation. This suspect walked eastbound on 1st Street to northbound Windsor. He continued walking through the neighborhood. He was walking in the middle of the street, continually looking into vehicles parked at the curb. He also was randomly attempting to open various car doors to determine if they would open, as he walked by them. The SSA officer continued to follow the suspect while contacting LAPD Communications, requesting LAPD to respond to his location.

When the suspect attempted to enter yet another car at 4th and Wilton, the SSA officer approached the suspect and detained him for LAPD. The suspect was arrested for Attempt Burglary from Motor Vehicle (LAPD Incident #120331000517). He was transported to Olympic Station and booked for 10852 VC (Vehicle Tampering). According to SSA Security, the responding LAPD officers indicated they believe this suspect is part, if not all, of the B/TFMV problem in the neighborhood.

This might be one of those instances when the whole neighborhood benefits from a service that a small segment of the community underwrites. If you aren’t familiar with SSA, now might be a good time to get to know them. According to SSA, they presently have one car serving the neighborhood and are about 10 new subscriber homes away from adding a second car.

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