Stoplights in the Spotlight

Hancock Park and Windsor Square residents are debating proposed new traffic lights at the corners of Highland Ave/4th Street and Rossmore Ave/4th Street to allow for safer crossing of cyclists using the designated bike route along 4th Street.

Residents are in hot debate as to whether the proposed stoplights and required right hand turns (for vehicles) from 4th St on to the Rossmore and Highland thoroughfares will cause bigger back-ups on the main arterial avenues,  and more cut-through traffic on surrounding streets.

You can weigh in on this topic two ways: attend the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC) meeting tomorrow evening at the Wilshire Ebell (7 pm start time, agenda item #11) where the topic will be discussed (see below) and/or take the online survey – also accessed below.

The Dept of Transportation has visual renderings of the proposed changes on their blog: LA DOT Bike Blog

View the GWNC agenda item (#11, Part C)  for meeting tomorrow, Wed 9/14/11

Read the Larchmont Chronicle‘s September story on the traffic light issue.

Add your voice to an independent survey (unknown author)  on adding the stop lights at SurveyMonkey. 



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