Updated Pictures of the Mayor’s Wall

Getty House Pre-Wall Picture (7-22-11)

The Getty House has been hidden behind great, big, green-tarped fences for the past three months, with work going on just beyond the temporary fence line on a controversial and permanent new 6-foot wall.

Getty House - Before the Wall

Larchmont Buzz supplies some pre-construction pictures above…we’re not quite brave enough to contend with the security crew who sit in constant surveillance of the property to snap fresh photos!

Not so for the Curbed LA crew – their bold photographers have posted a few pictures that give you a deeper view of what the finished product will look like.  This is easier than getting out of the car and snooping around…just click on the link below for a peek at the current state of construction.

CURBED LA:  Mayor’s Fence Watch

But the big question remains – will the home be ready for Halloween access and neighborhood trick or treaters?


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