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BuzzWorthy: Windsor Square Youth Makes the Most of Living Hollywood Adjacent

There’s a great theater scene just to the north of Larchmont Village and Hancock Park.  This is Hollywood afterall!

Daphne Meyer

Local teen, Daphne Meyer, wanted to get more experience as an actor, so she set her sights on auditioning for a role in live theater.  Meyer is a student at Marlborough School and a veteran of more than 5 TV commercials.  As an identical twin, Daphne is very goal oriented.  She set out to challenge herself by auditioning for local productions.

“From when I was around 6 or 7, I have done theater, acting classes and home video.  My sister and I sang in a choir for 6 years and  participated in professional opera and operetas in San Francisco .  I have been doing commercials since I was 13,” said Daphne.

Daphne and her sister, Marielle, would impersonate “mean” teachers  (from San Francisco, I’m sure) and put on shows for their family.  She also recalls taking part in mock-trials that her father’s law firm would put on when she was younger.

According to Meyer, ” in live theater, you definitely need to be broader and more expressive with your whole body, more so than you would be in film.  I feel this intense surge of nervous energy right before I go on, but usually I’ll just feel whatever my character is feeling right before that particular scene.  I always want to do the scene again, though, after I finish, no matter how nervous I am before, because it is so much fun!”

Daphne and Marielle are very supportive of each other.  Afterall, in addition to being sisters, they are partners in an online venture – their online TV show called “The Marielle and Daphne Show” that airs on BigisGood.TV.

Catch Daphne in the role of Robin in the Theatre Unleashed production of The Woodsman at the Underground Theater on Wilton at Fountain.  Performances are as follows:  October 7th-30th…Fridays and Saturday at 8p; Sundays at 7p.  (FYI…the play has some adult themes.)

Website:  The Woodsman at the Underground Theater

Here’s a sample of “The Marielle and Daphne Show”.  Cheers to the talented Meyer girls!

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