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Edwin Sierra: Destined to work at Sam’s Bagels on Larchmont

If you’ve got a child and live in the neighborhood, chances are you’ve bought bagels from Edwin Sierra, the manager of Sam’s Bagels on Larchmont Boulevard. Sierra came to Los Angeles from Madrid, Spain intending to stay only long enough to improve his English; however, the day he arrived he found a place to live in the Larchmont Village area and then wandered down Larchmont Boulevard where he saw a “Help Wanted” sign in the window at Sam’s Bagels. Sierra went in to speak with the owner, was interviewed on the spot, and told to come back and start work the next day. That was 12 years ago and Sierra is still working at Sam’s!

Sierra said that Sam’s makes “anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 bagels a day,” and “the ‘everything’, cinnamon, plain, and whole wheat bagels sell the best.” Sierra explained that beyond neighborhood regulars, Sam’s also has corporate clients who purchase bagels.

He added that many neighborhood parents come in with their toddlers and small children and according to Sierra, “the two or three-year-olds point to the pumpernickel bagels, thinking that they are asking for a chocolate bagel.” (Luckily, Sam’s also carries the real deal — chocolate chip bagels.)

According to Sierra, Larchmont Village is a unique neighborhood. “On Larchmont Boulevard it’s like a fair, or a party on Saturdays and Sundays with everyone coming — people with dogs and babies. With all of the studios located nearby, there are a lot of famous people, actors and singers – but no one bothers anyone here. The people are friendly, even if they are famous, and everyone is really nice and open.”

In addition to managing Sam’s Bagels, Sierra has just successfully completed the 3,000 hours of training required to become a licensed Family Therapist in California. Although he had received a business degree in Spain, Sierra began going to school part-time when he arrived in Los Angeles — first to Fairfax Adult School to master English, then to Santa Monica City College, and ultimately to UCLA, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

In his role as a therapist, Sierra loves helping families and eventually hopes to open some kind of a non-profit counseling organization. However, he says he can’t imagine leaving Sam’s Bagels in Larchmont any time soon. I feel like I’m at home here. I know a lot of families… It’s a part of my life.”

There’s good news for lovers of Sam’s Bagels: the word is that Sam’s has signed a lease to stay on the Boulevard for another 10 years. Details on the lease are not available…but stay tuned!

Sam’s Bagels
(323) 469-1249
150 N Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles,  90004


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Janna Bodek Harris
Janna Bodek Harris

Janna Bodek Harris, a graduate of Wesleyan University,  has lived in Windsor Square for 23 years. She has had poems published in the book, ”I’ll Take Wednesday” and is currently the Program Chair on the Board of The Ebell Club.  You may see her striding past you on the boulevard, one of only a few residents who practice nordic walking in sunny California. Janna helps Larchmont Buzz readers get to know local businesses up close and personal..

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  1. Our twins, Kaia and Quinn, have been huge fans of Edwin for 8+ years now, starting with the mini bagels that we’d freeze when they were teething. We’re always disappointed when we arrive at Sam’s and find Edwin’s not there. He’s a Larchmont gem!

    • AND, I meant to say, kudos to the Buzz for informing us all about his “other” job — amazing how you can see someone regularly but know so little about them. Congrats to Edwin on his new degree and completing those hours.

  2. Good to see a non-corparate store succeeding on Larchmont. And for good reason. Best bagels in LA and Edwin is a truly fantastic person.

  3. I loved learning more about Edwin — I feel like he saw me through two pregnancies (fifteen years ago!), and he’s always been so kind and attentive. How thrilling that he’s begun a career as a counselor — I can imagine him being a wonderful one.

    Thank you for this engaging profile of a beloved Larchmont regular!


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