Former La Buca Owner Re-Creates the Experience in Sherman Oaks

If you lived in the neighborhood when the restaurant La Buca first opened, maybe you’ll remember the original owner – Armando Pucci? This was about 8-10 years ago… The restaurant was small, the atmosphere was great and the food was pretty good. Pucci filled the space with his personality – our family likened him to Dean Martin in plaid. He was the consummate host – an Italian actor with some history.

Pucci left La Buca and the restaurant changed over the years – bigger space, different menus and a few different owners.

We often talk about the old La Buca – yearning for the ambiance that made us feel like we had walked into a restaurant somewhere in Italy; reminiscing about some of our favorite dishes…and the fresh strawberry-lemonade.

Say no more! Pucci has resurfaced and is operating a restaurant in Sherman Oaks that sounds very similar to the original La Buca. Catch up with him here and start planning your trip to La Cava…

La Cava
13565 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks

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