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Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Novice

By Bobak Ha'Eri

The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council’s Land Use Committee held it’s monthly meeting last Tuesday, October 25th.  I decided to attend since a team from Paramount was presenting their vision for a 25 year re-development plan that will have multiple and varying impact on our community.

I have to admit – my experience with GWNC is very limited. Let’s just say it’s so limited that my only real interaction was taking part in the initial voting process held at LAFD Station #29 a few years back.  I had little kids, worked full-time and just didn’t focus on what the GWNC evolved into.

The Tuesday meeting was enlightening for me.  First of all, there were a lot of people there – both the members of the GWNC Land Use Committee and interested citizens.  The Committee was dealing with important topics that have impact on our community – both immediate and long-term.  I was fascinated by these devoted, intelligent neighbors and wanted to learn more.

The Larchmont Buzz is committed to opening up this facet of our community to our readers. A big thanks to those who serve on the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council – there are currently about 90 Neighborhood Councils within the LA city limits.  The Councils are the result of political and voter action for a vision of a citywide system of independent and influential advisory Neighborhood Councils and the creation of a city department to guide that process, was the centerpiece of a new Los Angeles City Charter that was approved by the voters in June 1999.

The big issue before the GWNC Land Use Committee right now is the Paramount Hollywood Project.  We suggest that you start with the link to an outline of the areas of concern for our neighborhood in regard to the Paramount project:

Paramount Studios Proposed Project


It’s important that we become engaged in these issues as a neighborhood; that we go to meetings and ask the questions; that we voice our concerns. By letting Paramount and the City of Los Angeles know about our concerns and asking for accountability in dealing with them, we’ll end up with a finished project that meets the needs of all involved.

Below are links to some of the items discussed/shared at the 10/25 GWNC Land Use Committee Meeting:

GWNC Land Use Committee Meeting Agenda – October 25, 2011

Paramount Hollywood Project Presentation – October 25, 2011

Paramount EIR Scoping – Written Comments Form

Koreatown Sign District Boundaries – GWNC Land Use Committee Meeting 10-25-11

GWNC Land Use Committee Meeting Minutes from – September 27, 2011 meeting


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