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Local Buzz: Blogger/Actress Lynn Chen Celebrates Life

You know when you walk into your favorite local coffee shop and all those people are working away…don’t you wonder what they are up to? Lots of us are blogging – posting to our personal or business websites. We all seem to have a lot to say…a lot to share.

At Larchmont Buzz we are looking to celebrate the creative talent in our midst! We will be highlighting various local bloggers – sharing their websites and perhaps a little about what makes them tick. And of course, what they love about our neighborhood!

 Lynn Chen – Food Blogger, Actress

Photo credit: Melly Lee

Larchmont Village resident Lynn Chen is a multi-talented artist – she is a food blogger, an actress and a role model for all as a champion for healthy body image. We discovered Lynn through her twitter feed… @MsLynnChen.

Chen’s blog is called The Actor’s Diet. The website focuses on the relationship between the life of an actor and the role food plays in almost every decision she makes – from preparing for what her particular look needs to be as a character in a movie, to dealing with the ups and downs of the acceptance/rejection cycle that pervades the life of an actor.  The Actor’s Diet Facebook page has over 1,200 followers and Lynn’s twitter account is booming with over 2,300 followers.  She posts a lot!  And Larchmont Village runs through much of what she writes about…the local restaurants, the Larchmont Farmers Market, coffee shops, local stores and services.  Let’s just say when Lynn walks into your business – treat her right.  She’s a walking local taste-maker!

Lynn’s latest acting project is a hot Festival Film called Surrogate Valentine.  She plays the girlfriend of the lead actor and is featured in the trailer for the movie posted below.  Surrogate Valentine is available through Netflix, itunes and VOD.

Surrogate Valentine Trailer HD from goh nakamura on Vimeo.

Look for Lynn out and about on Larchmont Boulevard!  You’ll find her walking her dog and taking in the local scene.  Or you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter at the links above.  Residents like Lynn Chen are what makes our neighborhood so vibrant!


Photo credit: Melly Lee



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  1. I love that Larchmont Buzz is highlighting Lynn and her Actor’s Diet blog – she’s got one of the best blogs out there without a doubt!

  2. Wow! I’m so excited to find The Actor’s Diet and Lynn Chen featured on the Larchmont Buzz. I’m an avid follower of her blog and she is a neighborhood treasure! Thanks.


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