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Rose Parade Float Designer Raul Rodriguez Reaches a Milestone

Raul Rodriguez designed float for Rotary International from a past Rose Parade

Windsor Square resident Raul Rodriguez is an internationally known float designer. He has created breath-taking floats and large scale celebrations throughout the US – including Disney’s 50th Anniversary parade “Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams”.

Of course, Rodriguez is best known for the spectacular and creative vision he imparts on the most beautiful floats in the world – the floats at the Rose Parade. Since he was 15 years old, he’s been involved in creating magic for companies who make it their business to deliver magic – including Disney, Kodak… and this year he’s designed a float to celebrate the 100 years of Paramount Pictures movie magic.

The 2012 Rose Parade will have eleven Raul Rodriguez designed floats. Rodriguez and his blue hyacinth macaw, Sebastian, will be riding on what will be considered to be his 500th Rose Parade float – the float he designed for Indonesia.

500 floats! What an amazing accomplishment. Our neighborhood is honored to have someone who has contributed so greatly to the fabric of Southern California. Many say that the Rose Parade is like a Chamber of Commerce ad for Southern California each year – 47 million people watched the parade on TV in the US last year; another 28 million watched it internationally. We have design visionaries like Rodriguez, their teams of co-workers and all the volunteers to thank for creating such beauty year after year.

Read more about Rodriguez via these links…

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And here’s a video of Raul Rodriguez, speaking to the Discover Card team about the 2012 float he designed for them this year!

Last thing…GO BADGERS (in honor of my Larchmont Buzz partner and Wisconsin native, Julie!)

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