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Los Angeles Garden Tour and Party Raises Funds for Neighborhood Green-Space Projects

Median at Norton and 6th Street - funds raised will go towards re-landscaping

The Los Angeles Garden Tour and Party is a wonderful Spring event that is looked forward to by many as a way of celebrating all that the season represents to Southern California in general and to Los Angeles specifically. It is a time when fabulous Windsor Square/Hancock Park properties are shared with gardening fans from all over the Southland. And it’s an opportunity for the community to celebrate citizens who have served the city through a commitment to improving public space.

Thanks to the stewardship of the event organizer – Windsor Square and Hancock Park Historical Society – the Los Angeles Garden Tour and Party plays an even more important role in our neighborhood. Funds raised from the event are used to finance green-space projects in the area.

Past projects have included:

  • Veggie Garden at Frances Blend School

    Frances Blend School for the Blind 2008/2009 – created fountains, raised vegetable beds, tactile 3-D Tile Wall for the Blind and Multi-Handicapped children at this local LAUSD school. Children from all over the city are bussed in daily. The improvements have changed the overall feeling and educational atmosphere of the school.





  • Hardscaping at John Burroughs Middle School

    John Burroughs Middle School 2010/2011 – installed extensive hardscape and landscaping creating new Garden and Outdoor classroom space in the front of the school on McCadden. This has changed the atmosphere and the learning environment at the school as the children now gather on the school grounds before and after school. Also, landscaping and sculpture on Wilshire Boulevard – making a major contribution to the greening of Wilshire Boulevard and the neighborhood.



*The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council and Paramount Pictures contributed funding to both the Frances Blend and John Burroughs projects. Disney and Hancock Park Homeowners Assn., est. 1948 contributed funding to the John Burroughs project.

The projects that will be funded in 2012 include the following:

Fire Station #52 - funds will go towards greening this space

Greening Local Fire Station #52  (Melrose & Western)

The fire station is a 24-hour home to our LAFD first-responders. Crew from the station requested that a garden space be created somewhere so that they can grow their own vegetables to use in their meal preparation. The plan includes garden space, hardscape for an outdoor cooking/eating space and an orchard of fruit trees.




Fire Station #61 - funds will go towards landscaping projects

Greening Local Fire Station #61  (3rd and Alta Vista)

This fire station is a very active station covering the western portion of our neighborhood. Crew from the station requested a low-maintenance fountain be installed at the front of the station. Other station landscaping will be carried out, including re-planting and sprinkler repair.





Median at Norton and 6th Street - funds will go towards re-landscaping

Greening the Median at 6th Street and Norton Avenue

This median is one of the gateways to the Windsor Square and Hancock Park area heading west on 6th Street. It has been pretty much neglected over the last decade. As one of the entrances to the area, the space is deserving of some gardening magic. The Norton Media Restoration project is being spearheaded by the Windsor Square Association and will include new sprinklers, electrical and landscaping. The restoration will be designed by Cheryl Lerner and engineered by Damon Hein (both of whom have donated their time) and will have an overall budget projected to be in the neighborhood of $24,000.



As you can see, the Los Angeles Garden Tour and Party plays an important role in keeping our community beautiful! Just one more reason to attend this great event.

If you can’t attend the festivities, but would still like to donate knowing that your contribution will go towards these important projects you can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking on this link – donate.

You can buy tickets by clicking on this link – buy tickets.

Hope to see you there!

Los Angeles Garden Tour and Party
Sunday, April 22nd – Earth Day!
Tour starts at Getty House, the Official Residence of the Mayor of Los Angeles
605 South Irving Boulevard, Los Angeles 90005


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