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Neighbors Host Wendy Greuel

Residents meet and greet mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel on June 6th in Windsor Square

Wednesday night Lizzie and Mitchell Schwartz hosted a “meet and greet” with City Controller and mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel at their Windsor Square home. About three dozen people attended, most were neighbors though several came from across the city to listen to Greuel talk about why she is running and perhaps, more importantly, why she thinks she will win. The only candidate running who has run and won, city-wide, Greuel is confident that voters will see her as someone who knows how to do the job of mayor.

Host Lizzie Schwartz introduces candidate Wendy Greuel

Greuel taked about investing in the city’s transportation infrastructure as a way to reduce traffic and increase jobs as well as improve the quality of life in Los Angeles. Greuel spoke of using the mayor’s office to advocate for education reforms that work for all kinds of students. Her son attends the local public school near her home in the valley.

When asked how she would increase revenues, she said, “just like I tell my son, it’s about boundaries and consequences.” From her post as City Controller, Greuel said she has learned how how to improve efficiencies in city department, reduce expenses and increase collections of revenue due the city.

Greuel, who grew up in Los Angeles, greeted old friends, Ben Tysch and Rachel Andres-Tysch, from high school days. A new member of Temple Israel of Hollywood, Greuel greeted a number of  temple members, Gary and Judy Gilbert, Peter and Zoey Marcus, Phyliss and Ira Klein, Sharona Alprin, Renee Mochatel, Alex Rains and current president, Steve Sloan and his wife Melissa. Bruce Ellman, husband of Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh who recently moved to Las Palmas, was also there as well as Rachel Lewin, principal of the TIOH Day School who lives in Mid-Wilshire. Greuel met with TIOH third graders at her office earlier that day. Long-time neighborhood activist and former president of Windsor Square HOA Mike Genewick was there along with Kathy and Mike Gless, Dounia and Mike Turrill, Kathy Losey, and Ryan Hawley who live down the street. The Sidleys drove all the way from Malibu to show their support.

Greuel is running along with City Council President Eric Garcetti, and Jan Perry, City Councilwoman 9th District. In addition, Kevin James (Conservative Radio Talk Show Host and Attorney), YJ Draiman (Neighborhood Council Boardmember representing the Los Angeles Northridge East Neighborhood Council District 12), David Saltzburg, Rick S. Young, Addie M. Miller, Malcolm Mays and Jose F. Di Raimondo have all filed papers to run,  though most have raised very small amounts of money according to the city’s ethic’s commission website. Austin Beutner, the wealthy former investment banker, dropped out of the race earlier this month.


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Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard is the publisher of the Larchmont Buzz. Patty lives with her family in Fremont Place. She has been active in neighborhood issues since moving here in 1989. Her pictorial history, "Larchmont" for Arcadia Press is available at Chevalier's Books.

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  1. Dear Patricia,
    You should do more research on the other mayoral candidates. I find it offensive you group Kevin in with gadflys, and someone who has not raised enough money. He has met the cities qualifications for matching funds ($150,000), back in 2011. That means he is included in all public debates and his money will be matched by the city. He already debated garcetti, greuel, perry and beutner. According to polls,media, and fundraising, James is by far the only viable outsider. He killed Beutner in polls, why do you think he dropped. Greuel has helped villargosa run the city into the ground for a decade, along with the other city hall insiders. You should really check out his candidacy…the June election proves that voters are done being played by Greuel and her back scratching peers.

    • Dear Mike:
      “Gadfly” is your pejorative term, certainly not mine. I merely reported the funds raised by candidates published on the city’s ethics commission website which, can be a measure of their viability, but not always. We look forward to learning more about all the candidates as the election draws near.


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