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Spring Storm Brings Much Needed Rain

Storm drain over capacity at 9th and Sycamore

The skies let loose this afternoon and what started as a lite drizzle turned into a deluge mid-afternoon. As of this writing (6:30p) our area gained .61 of an inch of rain in the past 24 hours according to

As is Mother Nature’s way – some areas endured more trouble than others.

  • Parts of Fremont Place, Windsor Village and Hancock Park experienced power outages on Saturday evening. Power went out around 8p and was restored sometime after 10:30p.
  • On Saturday, Rossmore was closed for a brief period of time in the afternoon between Muirfield Road and Beverly Boulevard due to sewer related flooding. LA Metro buses were seen traveling south on Larchmont to get around the closure…a rare site signalling that something was up!
  • The intersection at 9th and Sycamore was flooded…see pictures below.

On the positive side – it appears to us that both Rossmore (between Beverly and Melrose) and 6th Street (at Hudson) weathered the storm better than in the past due to recent fixes.

Enjoy these pictures and a little video of how nature changes the grounds at Wilshire Country Club in the matter of a few hours. The 10th and 18th green were surrounded by a lake rumored to be more than 6 feet deep in places. And the small creek that runs just west of the Club House became a rushing river.
Lake at 10th Green

The rains will continue into the night…projected to end around midnight.  If you have questions for DWP during the rains…be sure to reach out via twitter for real time answers…that’s @LADWP.


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