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Almighty Opp – an Alternative Puppet Show

almighty Opp are two puppeteers, known as Jeffrey Person and Kranko, who host a free puppet show on the corner of Elmwood and Western once a month. They’ve been doing the free sidewalk show for years. Their most recent show, which took place at 9 PM on October 22nd, was quite the alternate community affair.

Their unusually designed puppets sing songs to the audience, and often ask them to join in. Puppets range from a grim reaper playing bass to a scantily clad woman to socially awkward clowns. All of them sing and dance and present a clear moral message.

The purpose of the show is to entangle the audience into a truer sense of community and self. They ask the audience to introduce themselves to one another, to sit next to someone they don’t know, and the puppeteers even come out from behind their puppet tent and interact with everyone.

almighty Opp (yes, it’s a lower case A) play a host of different instruments, including, but not limited to: guitars, synthesizers and drums. They loop riffs that they play and then layer different loops on top. The last step is usually the lyrics, which are always powerful.

The show’s ending is a shadow puppet show that presents the history of the world, humans’ place within that history, the rise of modern man and the future that is in store for us. Obviously, not your average puppet show!

Though almighty Opp does present a positive message and a fascinating substitute reality, I wouldn’t recommend bringing young kids. Some of the audience members can get a little rowdy, and there is sometimes a sexual undertone. However, sophisticated children (12-14) will have no problem keeping up.

If you’re ever thinking of attending a show, have an open mind, a blanket for sitting and a wild sense of adventure, because it will require all. Also, set aside some time – the show is a mind-blowing two hour extravaganza.

Kranko gets the puppet tent and façades prepared for the show

To find out dates of future shows, keep up with them via twitter @almightyopp  or their rarely updated myspace account. The shows happen once a month, keep an eye out – this is one unique street experience.


Orson Newstat is a part-time cook, part-time student, part-time writer and part-time Larchmont Buzz correspondent. One might go so far as to say he’s part-time, full time.


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Orson Leap Maximillian Krupnick Newstat is a part time cook, part time student, part time writer and part time Larchmont Buzz correspondent. One might go so far as to say he's part time, full time.Currently he's working on an illustrated children's book with artist Zachary Christensen, a comic book with character designer Dane Tonnis and a series of short stories.

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