Drag Queen Bingo

Want to do something a little different this weekend? It just may be time for Drag Queen Bingo – that staid game of chips on a board turned upside down into a rowdy, animated party – and all for a good cause. This week the cross-dressing ball callers sing and quip and cajole the audience through the game to benefit Project Goodness.

Project Goodnesis a non-profit program aimed to instill the concepts of philanthropy into 5th grade public school students in Los Angeles. Designed to empower children to think outside of themselves and give back to others, the 10 week curriculum program gets kids involved in a community service project while also inspiring them to see and promote goodness in their world.

The Drag Queen Bingo event will be hosted at Home Restaurant on Sunday January 29 at 7 pm. Just $20 at the door gets you bingo cards (you play several games in speedy succession, with much humor, singing and amusement along the way), and can order drinks and food off the restaurant’s regular menu. It’s just a 20 minute drive from the Larchmont area to this evening of big hair, big bosoms, and big laughs – and all for a big cause.

2500 Riverside Drive @Fletcher
Silverlake CA 90039
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One thought on “Drag Queen Bingo

  1. Thanks Buzzers for giving a shout out to Project Goodness and the drag queens! FYI, Bingo features some fabulous prizes for each round donated by Project Goodness supporters, so not only do you get the thrill of yelling out “BINGO!” but you actually get a PRIZE! Hope to see some folks from the ‘hood there. — Tara

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