Serving Larchmont Village, Hancock Park, and the Greater Wilshire neighborhoods of Los Angeles since 2011.

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We can deliver your message to our highly targeted local audience:

  • The Buzz is delivered digitally seven days a week to the email inboxes of nearly 2,000 opt-in subscribers.
  • Since our founding in 2011, we have published more than 6,500 local news stories.
  • Our social media hive is buzzing with nearly 6,000 followers and approximately 20,000 page views per month on our website.
  • The Larchmont Buzz offers this highly engaged local community to advertisers who want to “bee” seen surrounded by local news.
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If you want to reach Buzz readers, we offer three main categories of advertising options:

  • Website Ads
  • Morning Buzz Daily E-Mail Ads,
  • Sponsored Posts.

Pricing is by the ad (see below for types, positions, and prices), but special combo packages (e.g. website ad + sponsored post + Morning Buzz ad) are also available…and we offer a 20% discount on all ads and packages for 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

For more information, please see the categories below and/or contact us at [email protected].

Website Ads – $150-$400/month

Ads on our website are classified by size and position, with options and monthly prices shown below. Unlike similar ads in print publications, website ads stay in place for the duration of their contract, with the potential to provide multiple impressions with each reader, every time they visit the website.

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The Top Box Offers the Best Position on Mobile Devices

Top Box screenshot

The Top Box ad spot (see the upper right-hand corner in Website Ads, above) offers great positioning on mobile devices.

This ad is the very first thing mobile readers (half of all Buzz readers) see when they click on any Buzz story.

So if you’re looking for a great way to reach both mobile and desktop users, to promote either a timely event or your brand identity, this is the perfect spot to do it.

The ad is $400 a month and rotates with 4-6 other ads.

Morning Buzz Daily E-Mail Ads – $100-$125/week

Our Morning Buzz daily HTML e-mail feed is delivered directly to the mailboxes of more than 1,800 opt-in readers every day. As shown below, ads are available at both the top (header) and bottom (footer) of the message, for maximum visibility.

Buzz advertising email header ad
Buzz advertising email header ad

Sponsored Posts – $250 per post

Sponsored posts are stories placed in the “news” space of the website. Content can be anything from an announcement of a real estate open house (with pictures and descriptions) to a news-style story introducing a personality, business or upcoming event to the community, or whatever else you might like to promote with greater depth than a regular website ad. Also, like all other news stories, Sponsored Posts are promoted in our Morning Buzz daily e-mail, Facebook and Twitter feeds, received by several thousand highly involved, opt-in readers every day. Sponsored posts also remain on the site and are archived forever, like our other news content. This means that the story is always available, searchable and findable…long after the day it first runs. So you can forward and promote the URL in your own communications and publicity vehicles to further the story’s reach, for as long as you like. Here are some examples:

Ad Specs and Other Fine Print

Digital ads should be submitted in .jpg or .tif format, from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign files, in the pixel dimensions (e.g. 300 x 250) noted in the graphics above.

We Can Design for You: The Buzz can also design your web ad for you at a very reasonable price  – just share your logo or imagery and we’ll do the work without your having to hire a graphic designer.

We can Write for You:  For an additional fee, the Buzz can also assist with copywriting. This can be especially helpful with sponsored posts, which often (depending on the subject) perform best when they sound more like news stories than commercials.  Also, if you’re looking for specific kinds of audience reactions – e.g. click-throughs to your website or ticket order form – we can provide tips for creating calls to action that bring the desired result.

Please note that all ad copy, regardless of origin, will be reviewed by the Buzz for appropriate content, style, grammar, spelling, etc.

Terms and Payment: Payment is required prior to your ad appearing on the website. We accept checks or electronic payments via credit card or PayPal. All Prices and Terms are subject to change.

Neighborhoods and Demographics: Our readers live mostly in Hancock Park, Windsor Square, Fremont Place, Larchmont Village, Windsor Village, Park LaBrea, Brookside, Citrus Square, Miracle Mile, Ridgewood-Wilton, St Andrews Square, Wilshire Park, Sycamore Square, LaBrea-Hancock and many parts of Hollywood.  These are some of the most active, involved, educated and economically advantaged neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  Our readers are about evenly divided between men and women, with 62% of our readers in the highly valued 25-55 age bracket, and another 30% ages 55 and older.