Ohr Eliyahu Academy

Ohr Eliyahu Academy
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Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov/Ohr Eliyahu will provide a comprehensive curriculum of Religious and General Studies based on the laws, customs and traditions of, and in consonance with, the highest standards of Torah and Torah Observant Judaism. Our primary goal is that the cumulative experiences of our students over the years result in enthusiastic and dedicated religious study and observance, refinement of character, and the prerequisite knowledge to be successful participants in the economic and social life of our society—in short, to create a mensch. Towards this end, YAYOE will strive to instill in its students the knowledge that every person is created in the image of G-d, a lifelong love of learning and a desire to ultimately use their unique gifts to make a contribution to the Jewish People. Private, grades K-8.

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