Homemade Apple Sauce for Hanukkah

Apples from the farmers market are ideal for making applesauce for tonight, the first night of Hanukkah

Last year during Hanukkah, we wrote about latkes.  This year, we are writing about perfect companion to latkes — apple sauce. Though it’s been on the calendar since last year, Hanukkah just surprised me this year. I hadn’t really focused on it until yesterday! So in thinking about what to do tonight to celebrate, I noticed some slightly old apples we got at the Larchmont Farmers Market, that hadn’t been eaten.  The perfect solution — homemade applesauce.

It’s super easy and the house smells great. I just core and section the apples and cook them down with some brown sugar, apple juice and cinnamon. This year, I just used water because no one in our family drinks apple juice, so it’s never in the house. Just put everything in a deep pan or casserole dish and bring to a boil, lower the heat until the apples are very soft, about 30 minutes. Then stir everything together until it resembles sauce and serve.

Once the apples are soft, simply stir everything together until it resembles sauce, and serve.


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