Alert: Suspicious Activity Shared

Subject:  100 South Beachwood block – July 22

Fyi…” Neighbor ” just stopped by to tell of an unusual incident that had just happened just before 8pm.  As she walked out her door, a guy riding a bike down the street saw her, circled and made a u-turn, riding up her driveway and coming to her door.  She did not know him, yet he knew her name (perhaps from disgarded mail in today’s trash), and began asking her unusual questions like whether or not her dog was trained (even though Patches was not barking at the time).  She said that her dog was a trained guard dog, and phone in hand, she pretended that she had someone on the phone and had to go.

” Neighbor “wants everyone to know that, if he approaches anyone and uses her name, as though he knows her, she does not know him. Could just be a guy acting strangely, or someone trying to get personal info to talk his way into someone’s house.

Description: male, african-american, a jumprope around his neck,  not dressed for exercise, in street clothes, on a bike.

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