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Cassell’s Hamburgers Returns to 6th Street

Cassell’s has reopened at 6th and Normandie

Cassell’s Hamburgers is back and oh boy, do they look better than ever!

The original Cassell’s has a long connection to our neighborhood in that for more than 60 years it was a hang out for boys who went to Loyola High School from the Hancock Park area. It was on the route home (if the driver went up Vermont and took a left on 6th Street) and the burger was consistently good – served in an unpretentious way. The place itself was a throwback and the boys treated the place like a rite of passage – first hearing about it from their fathers, uncles and older brothers and then not really copping to all of the trips they made there or all of the burgers they devoured.

cassell2When the Cassell’s at 3266 West 6th Street closed a couple of years ago, regulars were asked to hang in there with the promise of a new location at the renovated Hotel Normandie and a commitment to original owner Al Cassell’s vision.

The new Cassell’s opened this week. See foodie reviews below…and maybe we’ll see you there over the holidays.

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Cassell’s Hamburgers
605 South Normandie, LA  90005
Open 8a-10p, M-Su…eventually open 6a-12a. 


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  1. Burger:Pretty Good

    Main Problem: potato Salad loaded with tons of Horseradish
    washed down with ice tea loaded with mint equals taste buds gone to hell when you try and take a bit of burger.BAD COMBINATION.

    Overall: once was enough better and cheaper options


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