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Are You Looking for Problems in All the Wrong Places?

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As parents let’s just accept the fact that sometimes things do go well at school.  You feel instinctively that the school is a good fit; the children are fun, eccentric and fabulous.  The teachers are kind and sympathetic not only to your child’s needs but to yours too! The curriculum is strong.  The hustle bustle is mixed with concentrated calm. Be happy.  The universe is giving you a golden time.

Yet, you can’t help but think that the library could use more books, and the ones that are there are a little worse for wear (but that’s a good thing, it means they are being read), the gym facilities are slightly inadequate (but they are still winning their matches), the school lunch program is not as healthy as you were led to believe (but no complaints from your child) and parent communication is less than optimal (do you really need to be constantly bombarded by the PTA?) and to top it all, you’ve been waking up at night worrying about an outbreak of head lice just because you saw a couple of the children scratching their heads out on the school yard.

Unless you are ready to spearhead the many committees needed to fix all of the above minor complaints; hush, you’re looking for problems where there are none.  If the school is doing its’ best and is addressing the children’s needs well right now, and your child is waking up with a smile and not a tantrum you are way ahead of the game.  Believe me, the school is probably already working on developing a “Capital Campaign” (two words that mean be prepared to give money) to make those improvements, and on top of that, to build some glorious new arts and technology complex that you will no doubt be asked to contribute to.  So for now please take a big cleansing breath, go to your favorite yoga class and enjoy your good luck.  Namaste.

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Fiona Whitney
Fiona Whitney

Fiona Whitney is the author of three successful school guides all published under The Whitney Guide series, about preschool, private and public elementary education in Los Angeles. As a School Consultant she has a stellar record of placing children in the top schools in LA and beyond. Fiona has lived in Hancock Park for over 20 years and raised her two children through the private and public systems. She will be contributing a series of stories for the Buzz on educating children in Los Angeles.

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  1. Yep, having taught photography at a local k-12 private
    school it does pay to do your homework when school shopping. Ours
    even lost its accreditation for a time & no one would
    really know unless they investigated.


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