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Brazilian Street Art Artist Kobra Shares Colorful Mural on La Brea

'Albert Einstein' mural 1253 South La Brea - by Eduardo Kobra
‘Albert Einstein’ mural at 1253 South La Brea – by Eduardo Kobra, September, 2013

Brazilian street art artist Eduardo Kobra recently completed a fresh mural on La Brea (between Olympic and Pico) – on the building that is considered to be the artistic palette of LA based street artist Mr. Brainwash.

The new mural is really something to see. It’s an 80 foot wide and 25 foot high cropped image of Albert Einstein’s eyes…a subject of inspiration for generations. Albert Einstein is the latest in Kobra’s street art mural series of early 20th Century iconic images. Kobra uses color and geometric patterns to create a texture that invites the public to interact with his art. Essentially, his goal is to connect today’s audience to these historic images in a fresh new way.

The street art mural was painted at the invitation of Mr. Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta). Mr. Brainwash has used the building as his studio wall, having painted multiple murals there over the years. ‘Albert Einstein’ is Kobra’s second mural on this wall (the first being ‘Mount Rushmore,’ which was painted in June of 2012).

'Mount Rushmore' - painted by Eduardo Kobra, 2012.
‘Mount Rushmore’ – painted by Eduardo Kobra, 2012.

Another example of Kobra’s work in this iconic series includes ‘Love is in the Air’ – the image of ‘the kiss’ in Times Square to celebrate the end of WWII (West 25th Street, Chelsea, NY).

Other Kobra & 1255 South La Brea images:

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Note: For the best view, start in the parking lot at Burger King. Park and enjoy the mural from the sidewalk across the street from the mural. If you want to get up close…get in your car and drive over to the sidewalk adjacent to the mural. Park south of the mural and walk back. Don’t try to walk/run across La Brea. There’s too much going on in this area and too much can go wrong.  


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