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Pan Pacific Fitness Zone
The Pan Pacific Park Fitness Zones  are one place to help you get fit for a charity, have some fun while doing good for others suggests Buzz fitness contributor Deborah Brooks

If you’re in need of a good reason to get off of the couch and into physical action, consider signing up for a fitness based charity event.  Most organizations on the local and national level sponsor walks, runs, bike races, swim meets, dance-a-thons, etc. to help raise money to reach their annual financial goals.

Training for these events will help focus your workouts. When you have a long- term fitness goal you’ll be excited to keep up your exercise regime. Try to register as many of your friends, family and co-workers as possible to join you as a team. You can even create your own race shirts to get into the team spirit.  Training and racing as a group propels you to keep going even when you think that you’ve hit the wall. Being part of a team, you’ll cheer each other on as you fatigue. And the ones who don’t sign up? Have them sponsor you by the kilometer or mile instead of a lump sum. Knowing that money is riding on the finish line will motivate you to stay in the race until the end.

Finding a charity that speaks to you is key. You’ll be more motivated if you fundraise for a cause that inspires you to make a difference. You can either Google the charity plus races they hold in the Los Angeles/Southern California region or go to and look up charity race events through their site. There are lots of options out there for you to break a sweat to help those in need.

Remember to make your race goals realistic for your fitness level. If you are sedentary, I encourage you to start with no more than a 5K walk.  For now leave the half and full marathons for those who are training ready to take that on. As you reach your goals you can gradually up the ante. Who knows? A 5k walk could turn you into a marathon runner in a few years.

Raising money for a good cause can be the best motivator of all, so sign up for a charity fitness event and do your body and the world good!

Editor’s note: A quick search on didn’t reveal any hyperlocal events this week or next but there are lots of things going on around the greater Los Angeles area.


Deborah Brooks, CSCS, CPT, CAFS Owner, Everfit Body
Deborah Brooks, CSCS is the Owner of  Everfit Body She lives in Hancock Park with her husband and two sons.  She is a  NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, UCLA Certified Fitness Instructor and Precision Nutrition Coach.

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