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Larchmont Sanctuary Spa and Vernetti Team up for the Holidays

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Holiday shopping officially starts this Friday and the wish lists for Star Wars toys, hoverboards and the newest Burberry scarves are growing long. The pressure’s on!  But once the wrapping’s in the recycling bin and the thank you notes have been written, you might find the gifts you and your loved ones remember the longest are those of time together – the gifts of experience.

Occasionally we read articles about a few brave folks who eschew all material holiday gifts for experiences. That’s pretty ambitious. Probably more realistic is giving unique experiences to significant others, adult relatives, co-workers, best friends. Larchmont Sanctuary Spa and Vernetti restaurant, in fact, have partnered with this gift-giving spirit in mind!

Supporting two family-owned, local businesses in Larchmont is a great way to shop for the holidays. Create an unforgettable experience that helps your loved ones de-stress, relax and unwind over a delicious meal. Their partner gift packages were created to offer an exclusive value since both Vernetti and Larchmont Sanctuary Spa have reduced the cost of their services for the following offers.

Choose from…


1. Bliss & Brunch: 60 min True Transformation Organic Facial for one OR 60 min Holistic Wellness Massage for one + Brunch for Two at Vernetti.
Cost: $168 (total saved with this offer is $48)


2.  Pampered Ladies & Gents who Lunch: 60 min Holistic Wellness Massage for one OR 60 min True Transformation Organic Facial for one  + Lunch for Two at Vernetti.
Cost: $144 (total saved with this offer is $19)


3. The Best Spouse Award: Couples Holistic Wellness Massage + Champagne Bath for Two  + Dinner for Two at Vernetti.
Cost: $359 (total saved with this offer is $76)

Following are descriptions of what each of the featured Larchmont Sanctuary Spa Treatments provide…

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

True Transformation Organic FacialLarchmont Sanctuary’s classic spa facial combines relaxing massage with aromatherapy to gently cleanse and purify your skin. Your facial is customized according to your skin type for the most effective results…naturally.

Holistic Wellness Massage: This therapeutic massage is tailored precisely to your personalized needs. Want additional focus on your lower back, forearms, neck or any other problem area? Your therapist will craft a blend of modalities based on your specific problems.

Champagne Bath for TwoYour significant other will melt as the two of you luxuriate in our bubbling tub surrounded by a field of flickering candlelight. Sip champagne as the warm waters wash your cares away.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

 About Vernetti…Vernetti_logo

Great food creates fond memories and Chef Steve Vernetti knows how to create a memorable meal for all his guests! Located in the heart of Larchmont Village in Los Angeles, Vernetti is a neighborhood restaurant where old school meets new school Italian. Inspired by a century long history of Italian-American cuisine, Chef Vernetti, shares his passion for fresh, delicious Italian food made simply, with the best ingredients. Steve feeds the community as he does his own family, providing a special place to celebrate all the amazing things that happen when sharing a delicious meal.

pumpkin_ravioli_sage butter       tagliatelle with pumpkin, fried sage_roasted_pumpkin seeds_ricotta


 About Larchmont Sanctuary Spa… LarchmontSanctuarySpa_logo_brown

Larchmont Sanctuary Day Spa is a comfortable and inviting sanctuary that imparts an immediate sense of warmth and serenity. The unique indoor-outdoor boutique spa was constructed from a 100-year old home and blessed by nine Tibetan monks from the Garden Shartse Monastery to create the most intimate, nurturing, and spiritual environment.




Stop in or call either location to get your gift certificates. Best wishes as you create many memories and happy experiences in Larchmont Village this holiday season!frontspa_banner


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This post was updated November 28, 2015  to correct the price of the first package. 
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