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Saloons and Pineapples in the Cahuenga Pass Circa 1880

Cahuenga Pass

Next time you join the five lanes of traffic heading north on the 101 freeway through the Cahuenga Pass from Hollywood to the Valley, conjure these images of what it once was like. These photos, found online at take us back 135 years to a tranquil, untouched landscape that we can hardly imagine now.

“Before roads and rail lines were built, traveling through the Cahuenga Pass was by wagons and horses or on foot. This picture was taken at the summit. There is a saloon concealed among the trees.”

Cahuenga Pass
A closer view of the Cahuenga Tavern, located in the grove of trees at the top of the pass.
Circa 1892: “Before roads and rail lines were built traveling through the Cahuenga Pass was by wagons and horses. Here a group of people have stopped to camp and cook something to eat. Another horse drawn vehicles passes them by on the road.”



Beachwood and Gower
Orange groves line the hills near Beachwood and Gower in the Hollywood Hills, circa 1880. A lone man, perhaps a rancher, stands in the foreground.
Cahuenga Pass Pineapple
Beflow the Cahuenga Pass on the Hollywood side, circa 1880.* “View of J. B. Rapp’s pineapple orchard located at Franklin and Beachwood, in Hollywood.”

Life certainly has changed.

All photos from  Water and Power Associates, “a non-profit, independent, private organization incorporated in 1971 to inform and educate its members, public officials and the general public on critical water and energy issues affecting the citizens of Los Angeles, Southern California and the State of California.”

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Julie Grist
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