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*Call To Action* Support Guidelines in the ED 1 Ordinance!


Dear Hancock Park and Surrounding Neighbors,

As many of you know, a large coalition of communities called United Neighbors is constantly at work to propose smart development that protects R-1, HPOZ and Historic District neighborhoods from incompatible development, while still allowing the City to reach its housing goals. Right now, United Neighbors is requesting amendments to the draft ED 1 Ordinance that City Council will SOON consider to fast-track, without public input, proposed 100% affordable housing projects. The ordinance will take the place of Mayoral Executive Directive 1 (ED1), which developers have used to submit dramatically out-of-scale projects at 507 N. Larchmont and 800 S. Lorraine.

Hancock Park strongly supports affordable housing projects, especially those that are truly 100% affordable. But, like United Neighbors, we’d like the permanent ordinance to close the loopholes that developers have tried to exploit in the Mayor’s ED1.

Below are the amendments that United Neighbors has sent to the Council’s PLUM Committee (Harris Dawson, Yaroslavsky, Padilla, Hutt, Lee) for PLUM and City Council action. The PLUM Committee will meet March 19th:

  1. Limit the number of waivers and off menu incentives to a total of 6;
  2. Require rear 15’ setbacks to allow for trees to grow and storm water to be captured;
  3. Prevent post-development conversion of nonresidential spaces to market rate units; (specific language to be supplied by Planning Dept)
  4. Protect R 1, HPOZs and Historic Districts in their entirety;
  5. Ensure that substandard streets/ high-fire zones do not qualify for ED 1 fast track approval;
  6. Require ED 1 projects meet minimum Tier 2 TOC qualifications.
  7. Projects that don’t meet these requirements under ED 1 would need to go through discretionary approval.

Please express your support for these ED1 ordinance amendments by submitting a comment to the council file:

CLICK HERE: CF 23-0623 is the file number. Be sure to submit your email and click the verification button on the email so that your comments are posted.

Mayor Bass recently made an interesting statement and I think it is something that really can apply to us and getting the ED1Ordinance right –

She said, “If we do not raise our voices, raise our hand and establish our presence, we should not expect things to automatically come our way.”

That is what we need to do and we can only do this if we work together.

Thank you!


Hancock Park HOA


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