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Hancock Park Security Town Hall Report

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On February 23,  the Hancock Park Homeowners Association held a Security Town Hall meeting with LAPD Senior Lead Officer Dave Cordova, ADT Security Patrol Manager Steve Cushner and SSA Security owners Jerry Shaw and Terry Segraves to update residents on the recent increase in area crime.  Cindy Chvatal-Keane, President of HPHA’48 and Peter Gorelick, HPHA’48 Security Committee Chair told the Buzz the meeting was very well attended and shared the following summary of the questions and answers.

What is the Role of Private Security Patrol in Hancock Park?
Private patrol is not a replacement for the police. It is an essential partner with the LAPD and the homeowner subscribers to help deter and prevent crime in our neighborhood.

Questions and answers with LAPD Sr. Lead Officer Dave Cordova:

How often does LAPD patrol our area (how many days per month/hours per day)?
There is no way to track. LAPD Basic Car 7A17 is assigned to our Hancock Park area. However, all Basic Cars in the Wilshire Division answer radio calls from the entire area.  LAPD cars do not stay in one assigned area or patrol on a regular schedule/set time.

Does our area always have a dedicated LAPD patrol car?
No. There is a Basic Car assigned to our area, but it is not “dedicated;” LAPD cars answer radio calls from the entire Wilshire Division area.

Who covers our area when our Sr. Lead Officer is not working?
There are nine Basic Cars assigned in the Wilshire division field. (See map.) The number of cars actually in the specific areas depends on events, circumstances that arise, etc. When our Sr. Lead is not working our area, our area is added into another Sr. Lead’s Basic Car area to cover.

What is the response time for actual emergency calls?
If there is a crime actually taking place at the time of the 911 emergency call, the response is very quick. However, for example, if you return home to find a burglery has taken place, and you call to report the crime, there is no set time for LAPD to respond, only that they must respond.

What is the response time for follow up/return phone calls etc.?
All calls are answered, but there is no set time frame for follow up or return call response.

How do we get more patrols?
We first need to report EVERY CRIME and keep a record of the report. Currently, LAPD records show 3 thefts from cars, including catalytic converters, for our area in the last few months. We know there were at least 9 catalytic converters stolen in the past few weeks. If a crime is not reported, it’s like it didn’t happen. REPORT EVERY CRIME.

Is it realistic to expect more LAPD patrols when crime increases, as it has in our area?
Considering the geographic size of the Wilshire Division, the number of cars covering the area, and the number of radio calls, it does not appear to be a realistic expectation.

Q & A with SSA Security’s Terry Seagraves

(SSA covers the area from Melrose To Wilshire / Rossmore To Highland)

How many cars and what hours are the cars in Hancock Park patrolling?
One car in Hancock Park – One car in Windsor Square. They overlap and back each other up when necessary.  Windsor Square: 6:00 am to 2:00 pm / 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm / 10:00 pm to 6:00 am; Hancock Park: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm / 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm / 11:00 pm to 7:00 am

What is the average response time for emergency calls made directly to the patrol car?
From notification, 5 minutes.  Historically, 1 to 3 minutes because we are always in the area (change watch-different times from W/S-at 3rd & Rossmore)

Do emergency calls go directly to the patrol car or are they routed through dispatch?
When the client has an emergency, or any security matter, they call directly to the patrol officer, no dispatcher. Only alarm calls go through the dispatch office. We have just developed a fail safe/quick response system with Moore Protection, and hopefully all other alarm/monitoring companies will follow suit. At the time, they call our emergency dispatch system, the monitor will automatically send a text to the car’s cell phone. This will make an almost immediate notification to the car and he/she will respond more quickly.

Cell phones in every patrol car allow clients to call directly to the officer in the car. SSA responds to calls from all monitoring companies. SSA subscribers can keep their current alarm system. SSA subscribers only need to notify their alarm monitoring company to call SSA first, if their alarm is activated. SSA is not an alarm or monitoring service. They are a patrol and response service).

How does private patrol help deter crime?
Crime prevention is an extremely difficult task because crime has always been occurring and will continue to occur as long as humans exist. The best efforts of crime prevention work towards deterring criminal activity. Law enforcement agencies across the United States are constantly trying to figure out new ways to deter people from committing crimes. What most people fail to conceive is the effectiveness of a uniformed private security guard and his or her ability to deter criminal activity.

Private security has been said to be the most efficient and reliable option to deterring crime in a specific area because typically police departments do not have the time, resources, personnel, or jurisdiction to go onto private property simply to ensure the safety and security of a given home.

The mere presence of a uniformed private security guard, especially if he or she is armed (and trained as SSA officers are), can successfully increase the potential risk factor which offenders take into consideration before committing the crime. Therefore, a uniformed security guard can deter criminals from acting in an area. Add that SSA is staffed with trained, professional-tenured and proactive law enforcement personnel enhances the service. Also, they will make arrests when an arrest situation presents itself and have done so (approximately 85 to date.).

Terry Seagraves, SSA Security
tsegraves [email protected]

Q & A with ADT Security’s Steve Cushner

How many homes and what geographic area does the Hancock Park patrol car cover?
Approx. 350.  Wilshire to Melrose; Highland to Rossmore.

How many cars and what hours are the cars in Hancock Park – ( Wilshire to Melrose; Highland to Rossmore)
One patrol car – 24/7

What is the average response time for emergency calls made directly to the patrol car?
We do not have any stats on that since almost all calls go through dispatch.

Do emergency calls go directly to the patrol car or are they routed through dispatch?
They are routed through dispatch. Customers can call the officer at 818-402-2366

What is the average response time for calls routed through dispatch?
Average is approximately 8 minutes .

How does private patrol help detour crime?
With greater demands for protection and fewer available resources, a security system alone may not be enough. What if no one is there to hear your alarm? A dedicated Private Patrol provides an extra layer of security and helps residents “harden the target” against potential crimes.

The service promotes a better relationship between the patrol and the community so the customers’ security expectations can be met. The visibility of a marked ADT patrol unit driving repeatedly through a neighborhood with visible signage is an important deterrent to potential criminals. It is also beneficial to have an ADT armed guard respond to alarm activations and inspect residences whether the resident is there or not. When the resident is away, having an armed guard conduct a vacation watch in which they re-locate mail, papers and trash cans could remove the home from being a target for a potential burglar.

An Escort service where, at client’s request, ADT officers will meet the client at their residence to ensure client safety could also prevent a potential crime. Patrol improves response times to activations and calls for service. These services will provide the customer with peace of mind knowing that there is another set of eyes and ears in the community.

Steve Cushner,  ADT Patrol Manager- Chatsworth
[email protected]

The meeting was held Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at Third Street schoolm at 6:30 pm.

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Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard
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